Healthy Skin Month: Naturopathic Care Dives Deeper into the “WHY?”

by | Dec 12, 2023

When dealing with skin issues (eczema, psoriasis, hives (idiopathic urticaria),Hidradenitis suppurativa hidradenitis suppurativa, erythromyalgia, acne vulgaris, etc.) you are usually dealing with an immune system flair (Cytokine “Storms”) resulting in agitation/irritation of the skin.

 The job of the Healthcare provider is to go “Inflammation hunting” and eradicate the underlying causes of inflammation and immune confusion.

 Healthcare providers and those suffering skin issues need to change diagnosing from WHAT you have to Why you have it.  The patient suffering chronic skin symptoms already knows they have weird, odd, red, itchy, painful stuff on their skin. Differential diagnosis  (A list of what the skin issue could be) needs to change from WHAT’s to WHY’s that are ruled in or ruled out through validated labs and imaging.

 For example, eczema comes from the Greek “ekzema”, from “ekzein” which means to “‘boil over or break out”.  “Your Skin is Boiling out” is not a diagnosis.  Moreover, our patients’ skin issues are not caused by a “Benedryl Deficiency” or “steroid cream deficiency”.  We need to put time, money and energy into finding the answers to the question “Why Eczema?”  

 The big picture concept of addressing chronic inflammatory illness in any System (skin, brain, gut, etc.) is to identify and remove all sources of inflammation and all sources of immune confusion while restoring all necessary sources of immune modulation or balancing the immune system.  Examples of underlying causes of dermatological inflammation include sleep apnea, thyroid disturbances (e.g. Hashimoto’s) anabolic steroid deficiencies (low sex steroids including DHEA), EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) imbalances (too many seed oil and not enough healthy EPA/DHA fish oil, olive oil, grass-fed animal products, fat soluble vitamin deficiencies, food sensitivities, dysbiosis and pathogenic microbes and biomes (e.g. hidradenitis suppurativa post Actinomycetes, psoriasis guttae post strep, impetigo post MARCoNS), SCFA (short chain fatty acid) deficiencies, CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) secondary to biotoxin exposure, and other environmental/chemical exposures (including detergents, soap and certain clothing material)

 Yes, a moldy building, sleep apnea, low vitamin D and inflammatory seed oils are just some of the the things that can literally be the cause of your skin issues.  

 Like many chronic health symptoms, skin issues are on the rise.  In the 1930s, Weston Price, DDS, a renowned dentist toured the world with his wife and evaluated 14 different indigenous tribes and isolated villages who were pre “Civilized diet” (before sugar, grains and alcohol) and found minimal chronic disease, “Splendid teeth and excellent facial and body build” with clear skin regardless of race or region. 

 These indigenous people did not have excess calories and ate very nutrient dense foods that help balance the immune system and keep the skin strong and clear. 

 Immune modulating necessities EPA/DHA (fish oil is a major source), fat soluble vitamins, glutathione, probiotics (good gut bacteria), and short chain fatty acids were intact in the indigenous due to their daily integration with natural law; clean food, no additives, no high fructose corn syrup, healthy fats and plenty of sunlight. 

 At Roots and Branches integrative Healthcare, we’ve coined theses immune modulating needs “the Fab 5”: 1) EPA/DHA Fish oil, 2) Fat Soluble Vitamins A,D,E,K, 3) Glutathione, 4) Probiotics, 5) Short Chain Fatty Acids

 Naturopathic Doctors are experts at testing “the Fab 5” levels in their patients and dive deeper into finding the underlying causes of your skin issues.  If you are not getting answers with your skin issues let Naturopathic Medicine support your ability to solve and resolve your skin issues. 


Dr Eric Dorninger

By: Dr. Eric Dorninger  |  Roots and Branches Integrative Health Care

Dr. Eric Dorninger ND, LAc is founder of Roots and Branches Integrative Healthcare a clinic dedicated to solving and resolving chronic illness and bringing quality with quantity to life for all.  His clinic (with Dr. Bjerke ND and Genevieve, Emily and Leana NP’s) serves broad spectrum women’s health concerns with the best of conventional, naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medical model.  You can find Roots and Branches at and Dr. Don instagram @drericdorninger and his Youtube Podcast “the vitality hour”

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