The Winter Solstice: Naturopathic Approaches to Celebrate

by | Dec 21, 2023

Hey there, curious souls! ‘Tis the season to begin diving into the wonders of the winter solstice, so let’s cozy up and explore this celestial bash that’s been lighting up cultures for eons. From ancient rituals to modern merrymaking, this cosmic event has a history as vibrant as the twinkling stars above.

The Scoop on the Solstice

Picture this: December 21st, when the sun takes its shortest trip across our sky, marking the official start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the grand finale of darkness, the longest night, and the turning point where light starts flexing its muscles once again. And oh boy, have folks throughout history thrown some epic celebrations for this cosmic shebang!

Its historical significance spans cultures worldwide. Ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and indigenous peoples, revered this astronomical event. For many, the solstice signifies a celebration of the sun’s return and the triumph of light over darkness. Festivities were woven into cultural traditions, often symbolizing hope, renewal, and the promise of a new cycle.

Timeless Celebrations

Take a peek back in time, and you’ll find a global party dedicated to the winter solstice. Vikings rocked ‘Yule’ with feasts and bonfires, while in China, the Dongzhi Festival meant family reunions and dumplings galore. Indigenous communities? They’ve been throwing down ceremonies honoring nature’s cycles and the return of the sun’s warm embrace.

A Poetic Pause

Let’s not forget the power of words. Susan Cooper’s “The Shortest Day” is like a poetic hug, capturing the solstice vibe:

“And so the shortest day came and the year died

And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world

Came people singing, dancing,

To drive the dark away.”

Party Tips for Today

Now, how can you join this celestial soirée? Here’s your playbook:

  1. Nature Nuzzles: Take a chill walk, catch the sunrise or sunset, and soak in Mother Nature’s glory.
  2. Sacred Serenity: Light candles, set up an altar with nature’s finest, or create a mini ritual to bid farewell to the old and give a high-five to the new.
  3. Festive Frolics: Hang out (in-person or virtually) with your favorite people, swap stories, and munch on some hearty winter goodies.
  4. Soulful Soiree: Take time for a self-huddle, do some soul-searching, and indulge in cozy practices like meditation or jotting down your thoughts. Create your own words of power by acknowledging all that’s passing with the winter frost, and what you hope to manifest in the light of the new season ahead.

In a Nutshell

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I’m all about diving into the winter solstice vibes. This cosmic shindig is a reminder to snuggle up with introspection, soak in gratitude, and rev up for the next cycle or growth, expansion, and rebirth. So, whether you’re dancing to ancient tunes or crafting your own solstice groove, let’s toast to embracing the dark to welcome the light.

And hey, if you’re itching to dive deeper into living in harmony with these cosmic cycles, why not team up with a Naturopathic Doctor in your neck of the woods? They’re wizards at helping you sync up with the seasons! You can scout for a stellar doc through the Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors’ Find A Doctor portal here. These experts can be your guides to mastering the art of balance amid the ever-shifting seasons.

Here’s to a winter solstice filled with warmth, renewal, and a cosmic connection that’ll light up your soul! Cheers to the celestial party, my friends! 🌟



Dr. Kelsey Asplin

By: Dr. Kelsey Asplin  |  Denver Naturopathic Clinic

Dr. Kelsey Asplin is the President for the Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors. She is a Colorado native who became a Naturopathic Doctor to change the narrative on healthcare. She has maintained a private practice since 2015 and now manages the Denver Naturopathic Clinic in south Denver, which has served patients for over 30 years. Dr. Kelsey focuses on supporting high-performing professionals enhance their energy, focus, and productivity. She works alongside CEOs, athletes, entrepreneurs, celebrities and other highly motivated patients to investigate their health on a deeper level using modern testing methods, science backed treatment programs, and superb listening skills. She frequently sees patients struggling with anxiety and depression, thyroid imbalances, gut disturbances, and fatigue.

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