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In this presentation, I will discuss the effects of masculine norms on communication between providers and patients. Given that approximately 75% of patients of naturopathic medical visits are female, I am curious about how well we are addressing the health needs of men and boys. Naturopathic doctors are educated to address the whole patient but what about the whole community? I will be encouraging discussion on the challenges of working with men/boys.


Dr. Steve Rissman is a tenured associate professor in the Department of Health Professions at Metropolitan State University of Denver, teaching in the Integrative Health program, where he serves as the Program Coordinator. Dr. Rissman is a Men’s Health scholar and he has developed the first and only academic Men’s Health program of study. In addition to the men’s classes, he has taught Clinical Pathophysiology for over 12 years, as well as Homeopathy, TCM, Botanical Pharmacology and many others.

Dr. Rissman has spoken at conferences for the American Men’s Studies Associations, the Collaborative Family Health Association, the AANP, the Utah Urological Society, and numerous other organizations. Dr. Rissman has written extensive volumes of curriculum on the health of men from various cultures, developmental needs of adolescent boys, history of fatherhood, father loss and the correlation of masculinities and addictions. He has published papers on the Health Effects of Anger as well as Masculinity’s Effect on Communication in the Provider/Patient Relationship. He is currently writing on Rural Masculinities from the Health Perpsective.

Dr. Rissman has a private practice at his farm office, north of Denver, working specifically with men and boys especially in the areas of anger, anxiety, lack of motivation and difficult life transition. Having grown up on a farm and spending a great deal of time in the outdoors, Dr. Rissman has a deeply rooted curiosity for the laws of nature, particularly the science of disease process. His intention is to educate toward an understanding of men’s health behaviors, rather than simply making them wrong, in order to lead men on the journey through the abyss of dis-ease to toward fully ripened life as a man.


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