Jim Massey ND, HANP

Lecture Overview

This class offers doctors the ways and means to better address healing themselves first so they can then go about healing their patients more effectively. Healing begins with addressing our own needs first. It is an interactive lecture with audience participation integrated into certain parts of the class. The class offers greater awareness to what all of us seek to achieve in our personal evolution. It's a guide for personal growth and enjoying life more fully.


Jim Massey, ND HANP, is a naturopathic physician licensed in Oregon and holds a credential of Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians. He graduated from NCNM in 1985. Dr Massey cofounded the North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians in 1986. He was a board member of the AANP from 1994-1996, chairing the Public Affairs department. Dr Massey has taught clinical nutrition, homeopathy, and mind-body medicine. He and his wife, Karen, founded Mountain Peak Nutritionals in 1996, which specializes in “condition specific formulas®” for healthcare professionals. He cofounded the Naturopathic Psychological Collaborative in 2014 and continues to explore the contributions of spirit, consciousness, and awareness to vital health. He and Karen live in Portland, OR. Jim is a former officer in the U.S Army and also started Beautiful Day Natural Foods, the first health food store in Durham, NC in 1975.


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