Yvan Rochon, PhD

Lecture Overview

As with humans, most bacteria and viruses associated with plants are beneficial and important to overall health. Also like humans, plants must deal with invasion of pathogenic bacteria or viruses. In order to protect themselves, plants have developed an array of molecules that are also beneficial in addressing bacterial and viral infections in humans. From enhancing epithelial health, to boosting immune function, to directly killing or inhibiting the growth of pathogens, this presentation will discuss clinically relevant botanical strategies for the prevention and treatment of infections.


Blending his love of science and nature, Dr. Yvan Rochon, PhD enjoys working in the expansive and fascinating field of natural medicine. With a background in botany, cell biology and molecular analysis, Dr. Rochon integrates the latest scientific understanding with the amazing wealth of knowledge passed on from our ancestors and living today in our holistic physicians. Dr. Rochon completed undergraduate studies in botany at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and earned a Doctorate in Experimental Medicine at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He currently works and resides in Sedona Arizona.

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