Mary Rondeau ND, RH (AHG)

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Mood disorders were once thought to originate only in the brain as a “simple” chemical imbalance. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Mood disorders encompass and can even originate in other organ systems, and the acknowledgement of the gut-brain axis has started to shift the focus of mood disorders to below the neck. Proper assessment including physical exam, laboratory work-up, nutritional intake and mental/emotional/spiritual intake are crucial in determining contributing factors in mood disorders, as is understanding the role of pharmaceuticals and their risks. A multi- modality approach is a successful approach to help children suffering from mood disorders.


Mary Rondeau ND, RH(AHG) is a registered naturopathic doctor, functional medicine specialist and registered herbalist. In 2010, she co-founded Wholeness Center which is the most innovative integrative mental health center in the US. In addition, she is co-owner of Synergy Neurofeedback which aims to use objective lab finding (brain mapping) for medication and supplement recommendations for mental health disorders and non invasive neurofeedback therapy as a unique treatment strategy. Her love for nutrition and food met with the formation of The Wholeness Chef, a nutrition focused cooking program that can be found on YouTube.
Docere means “doctor as teacher” this principle resonates with Mary at her core. She lectures nationally to professional groups about mental health, botanical medicine, nutritional medicine and naturopathic medicine. She is an active writer currently working on publishing two books and has a teaching series on YouTube, The Wholeness Chef. In addition, she frequently teaches thru webinars on topics related to mental health.

Mary is passionate about bringing access of naturopathic medicine nationally and was part of the team that passed legislation to register naturopathic doctors in Colorado.

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