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Our understanding of immunotolerance and autoimmunity, through gut based exposure, has grown exponentially over the years. This broadened understanding of gut based immune priming elucidates new targets for immune regulation in autoimmune conditions. As our understanding of the microbiome increases, we can understand the mechanisms that skew and support immune tolerance and T-cell differentiation. A key regulator in many autoimmune conditions includes the interaction between LipoPolySaccharide (LPS), a bacterial endotoxin, and Treg cells. Although LPS is ubiquitous to Gram-negative bacteria, and created by several commensal bacterial Genera, immune regulation to LPS also involves the interaction of Gram-positive flora such as Bifidobacter. These interactions will determine programming of naïve T-cells and influence the balance of the immune response. LPS, even more so than the bacteria that make it, is uniquely able to trigger an autoimmune process by many mechanisms. LPS is associated with Toll-Like Receptor (TLR) differentiation that is pathognomonic for certain autoimmune conditions, demonstrating its pivotal relationship. LPS is also able to decrease Treg function, a hallmark of autoimmunity, thus allowing immune function to proceed stimulated and unregulated. An understanding of LPS and its activity in immune function increases our clinical understanding and management of autoimmune conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s Disease, to name a few.


Cheryl Burdette, N.D. is the Director of Education and the Naturopathic Residency program at Progressive Medical. She has been in private practice since 2001. She directs an accredited Naturopathic residency program that is focused on Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Biochemistry. She is the founder and Educational Director of a functional laboratory, Dunwoody Labs, for which she designs clinical profiles and trains clinicians in their utilization. At Dunwoody labs, she is involved in nutritional trials and translational research. She is the Research and Outreach director for Xymogen, an Inc.500 supplement company, and serves on their BOA. She also serves on an independent IRB giving feedback concerning various studies in integrated medicine. She lecturers internationally and nationally for groups such as IFM, A4M, MMI, and ACAM. She wrote and designed the curriculum for Advanced Medicine’s Academy online certification program in Integrative Medicine. She is called upon yearly to do grand rounds at all the major Naturopathic medical schools. She has taught Clinical and Nutritional Oncology at the University of Bridgeport and is part of the faculty at the University of Miami, the first allopathic school to require Integrative Medicine training for MDs. She is also adjunct faculty at George Washington University, the first PhD program in Integrative Medicine.
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