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Using traditional risk factors is not only inaccurate for diagnosing heart disease, it does little to motivate subjects to make the changes needed to stop this epidemic.

Treating heart disease using a statin as the only therapy reduced coronary death by about 15% in the short term studies and be even less in the long term studies. Using stress imaging and the placement of elective stents has been shown to provide no benefit in reducing heart attacks or coronary death.

Although the Harvard Heart Letter as well as publications from the Cleveland Clinic would like to convince us that nutraceuticals have no value in reducing heart attacks, published clinical studies and our experience at Boulder Internal Medicine tell a different story.

Coronary calcium imaging provides a technology that is exceedingly accurate in diagnosing the presence of heart disease, provides the needed motivation for change, and provides an accurate metric for success.

We will discuss the science behind these statements and review the results that have occurred at Boulder Internal Medicine over the past 12 years utilizing this approach.


Dr. Bill Blanchet is an Internal medicine physician who has practiced in Boulder since 1983. He is a very well-known and respected member of the medical community in Colorado. Currently, he is the Medical Director of the Advanced Prevention Program at Boulder Internal Medicine, and the founder and Medical Director of Front Range Preventive Imaging.
As a child, Dr. Blanchet experienced the pain of the sudden cardiac death of his grandfather. As an adult, he saw his father deal with the consequences of heart disease. Dr. Blanchet has made it his mission to study heart disease and work to prevent unnecessary death and disability from this preventable disease. He is an advocate and national key-note speaker on the early detection and prevention of disease, most notably heart disease, lung cancer, and colon cancer.
Dr. Blanchet is passionate about the need to provide effective management and current knowledge of cardiac health and related issues.

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