(Small Donation Committee)
  • This fund is our most powerful political action tool.
  • Maximum yearly donation by individuals is $50, however, larger, more influential checks can be written from this fund to key legislators.
  • This donation is not tax-deductible as it used for political activities.
  • You must be a US citizen to donate to this campaign.


(Political Action Committee)
  • This fund accepts a maximum donation of $525 per person or corporation every 2 years.
  • CoAND can also use this fund to lobby legislators who support our profession.
  • Donate here if your donation is above $50 but less than $525.
  • This donation is not tax-deductible as it is used for political activities.

General Fund

  • This fund supports community and doctor education events, community and member outreach, and general upkeep of the professional affairs of the CoAND.
  • Donate here if you have a larger sum to contribute, or if it is preferable to support activities such as education of both our doctors and the community.
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