CoAND Scholarships

CoAND is pleased to offer scholarships for any current or potential member that is experiencing financial hardship that prevents them from participating in CoAND more fully.
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Scholarships can be used for:
  • membership dues.
  • events tickets.

Scholarships are considered on a case-by-case basis. We ask that recipients actively participate in the organization and our initiatives as well as volunteer time in support of various CoAND events.

To apply please fill out this form:

All fields required.

Current Membership Status:

Have you previously been a CoAND member?

Are you currently facing financial constraints that make it challenging for you to afford the annual membership fee?

Would you be willing to contribute or volunteer your time and expertise to the CoAND community in any capacity?

Are you seeking full or partial coverage of costs?

Want to contribute to our scholarship fund?

Increased membership and supporting NDs in all stages of their career is extremely important to the overall visibility of the field and our work. If you’re interested in donating directly to our scholarship fund it will go directly to supporting NDs that cannot afford their membership or event tickets. We truly appreciate your support

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