Nicola St. Mary ND ND
Pura Vida Natural Healthcare

Mind-body medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, herbs, physical medicine

Dr. Nicola's focus is working with clients on mental-emotional well-being – from insomnia to anxiety to eating issues. Using mind-body medicine to get to the underlying cause, you will find that you are connecting back into you.  As a nature-cure based doctor, she sees healthy digestion and elimination as a core component of optimal health and sees a lot of people with gastro-intestinal complaints.  She also enjoys working with people who are interested in enhancing their life through optimizing their health. Dr. Nicola welcomes all patients, regardless of age or ailment, who are willing to invest in themselves. Raised and educated on the East Coast, Dr. Nicola relocated in 2000 and fell in love with the openness of the Southwest. It was in this part of the country that she learned how to rock climb and strengthened her passion for hiking, camping, and yoga.  In her free time, if you can’t find her in the mountains, you will find her in the garden or the kitchen with her son and husband.


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