Joan Waters ND
Practical Health Solutions, LLC

I blend the best of conventional western medicine and natural medicine to provide you with exemplary service.  Utilizing labs and imaging as well as a thorough history, naturopathic exam techniques, physical exam and clinical judgement, I determine the likely cause of your health concern(s). I, then, utilize gentle, but effective natural modalities like clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy and others to support your body so it can heal itself.  My goal is to give my patients the tools to live healthfully in this increasingly challenging world. 
I am in private general practice with an emphasis on gastrointestinal conditions and sleep, although I also treat autoimmune diseases, hypertension, diabetes and other conditions as well.  I assess each patient's sleep and diet, since both are crucial for their overall health and wellbeing, and we work together to improve them if the patient is willing.
   My ideal patient is one who is willing to make dietary and lifestyle changes, if necessary, to improve their longterm health.


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