Jo Nell Shaw DC, ND
Shaw Family Practice

"Gentle and Safe for the Whole Family". Pregnancy, Chiropractic, Botanicals, Webster technique

 I help moms be at their best by improving the experience of motherhood.

Chiropractic and Naturopathic care improve the life of each mother that comes here. Both practices have amazing health-restoring benefits and that is why I have combined them at Shaw Family Practice. I am the only doctor in Colorado who is both a Chiropractor and a Naturopath so the perspective and tools I have to benefit each person who comes in are unique.  I believe the world is a better place when we function optimally, are happy and healthy. To me, that starts at home with mothers. When mom is healthy, so is the family. 

As a mom, I get it.

Finding the time to invest in you typically comes last after laundry and school pickups. My work meets you where you are now with stress, fatigue, and overwhelm and gets to the end goal of an energetic, playful, happy mother full of life. My office helps moms move towards a brighter healthy future than increases health for the whole family from the inside out. 


  • 2625 Redwing Rd, Suite 180
  • City: Fort Collins
  • State: CO
  • Zip code: 80526


  • Tel: (970)658-1281
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