Jason Barker ND
Rocky Mountain Natural Medicine

Hormone Balance, Sports Performance, Digestive Issues, Sports Medicine, Clinical Nutrition

I’m trained as an expert in natural medicine, which encompasses several types of alternative medicine. I see all types of patients that a regular general practitioner would see in my Fort Collins, Colorado practice.

I don’t prescribe drugs for medical problems; rather I work with the body using a variety of natural medicines and lifestyle adjustments that assist in healing. Some types of alternative medicine I use include various combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, nutraceuticals and glandular/hormonal support to get you healthy. 

As one of the few clinically trained Ft Collins alternative medicine doctors, I utilize traditional and functional lab tests as part of the diagnostic process. These are tests that not every doctor orders, much less understands.

Your treatment with different types of alternative medicines targets the original health problem, rather than just drugging the symptoms with toxic substances – Drug treatments rarely lead to true health, by the way.

I use my extensive training and education, as well as laboratory testing to correctly discern the needs of my patients. I do not use any gimmicks to diagnose a person’s state of health.


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  • City: Fort collins
  • State: CO
  • Zip code: 80526


  • Tel: 970-237-1062
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