Jacqueline Thomas ND ND
Whole Family Acupuncture & Wellness

Dr. Thomas strives to work with people willing to address the deeper, truer triggers for the disease process and enact the necessary lifestyle changes for creating lasting wellness. Nothing brings her more joy than unraveling the secrets to health unique to each individual. Her areas of focus are autoimmune and chronic disease states, both in prevention and treatment. Her services include: botanical and supplemental medicine, clinical nutrition, B injections, craniosacral & visceral manipulation therapies, neuro-prolotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling, sound & light neurotherapy, and homeopathy.

Dr. Thomas uses recent blood work, thorough intakes and evaluations, and patient insights to discover what's going on with an individual's health. Each patient has an incredibly unique picture, so careplans change from person to person. 

Follow-up visits will depend on the complexity of an individual's presentation, progress, and willingness to make lifestyle changes. Dr. Thomas practices with the goal of preventing or treating chronic disease and will help individual's find the clearest route to creating the ideal atmosphere in the body for gaining wellness and ease.

You can also find her at her other location at M3 Chiropractic & Wellness at 2433 W 44th Ave, Denver CO, 80211.


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