Alison Egeland ND
Attune Functional Medicine

Dr. Egeland helps people suffering with autoimmune disease, digestive disorders and thyroid problems.

It is a great privilege to be trusted with a person's health.  I take time to understand each person's unique situation in order to create a personalized wellness plan.  Many of my patients suffer from complex, chronic health concerns including digestive disorders, autoimmunity, hormone imbalance and thyroid concerns.  Utilizing an integrative approach, I work with other healthcare professionals to provide safe and effective care.  My goal is to educate and empower each person to be an advocate for their own health.

Practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor allows me to combine my love of science and research with my passion for helping others.  I've completed additional training in Functional Medicine, Autoimmune Conditions, Genetic SNPs, Thyroid Disorders, IBS and SIBO, and Bio-Identical Hormones.

Personalized treatment plans are created to address and correct the underlying imbalances that lead to chronic conditions. Some of the therapies may include: diet and lifestyle changes, targeted vitamin and nutrient therapy, homeopathy and botanical medicine.


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