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There is an untapped potential for naturopathic medicine to transform the health and the lives of millions of Coloradans. Your generous corporate sponsorship allows the Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CoAND) to continue to energize and uplift the naturopathic profession in our state so that more Coloradans can reap the benefits of this natural and holistic healthcare option. Additionally, your contribution helps us to support our members in building fulfilling and thriving naturopathic practices, gaining greater recognition by the medical community and the public, and continuing our legislative efforts in Colorado.

Why Support the Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors?

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Support the Integration of Naturopathic Medicine

The American public’s use of CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine ) therapies has increased substantially as patients desire to become actively involved in their own healthcare. Health care consumers are increasingly curious about alternative therapies and seek Naturopathic Doctors who are trained specifically in their use. 

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Strength and Exposure of CoAND

Naturopathic Doctors are well-trained advocates for selecting optimal supplements and laboratory testing.  Patients who utilized NDs also lean toward natural skincare and make up products. We can help expand your customer base. We will reach more individuals seeking optimal health through supplement use and laboratory testing and interpretation, as well as the use of natural products.

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Delivering Quality Natural Medicines

Delivering quality natural medicines gains public trust and ensures the growth and sustainability of natural medicine. We bring the message of natural health care to the public, government institutions and the entire health care system.  Our message increases public access to Natural and Integrative Medicine and increases the public’s trust in safe and effective natural modalities. Our training ensures the very best delivery of evidence-based natural medicine. 

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You became a naturopathic doctor because you have a passion for helping others live natural and holistic lives. Alternative healthcare has been our cornerstone for 75 years. The right malpractice insurance protects your patients, your financial well-being and your reputation. And you can rely on our Naturopathic Malpractice Insurance Plan for a powerful claims defense, coverage options to suit your needs and personalized service you deserve. This plan is offered through NCMIC Diversified Health RPG Assn. and underwritten by NCMIC Insurance Company.
For more information, please contact us at 

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Aegis Insurance

Aegis Insurance Associates provides medical malpractice insurance policies to Naturopathic Doctors. Our MedPro insurance policy gives you the broadest coverage available and is offered at a price level which all doctors can afford.   Also – keep in mind we can provide coverage for your General Liability, business, personal property and worker’s compensation coverage needs.
CALL US NOW (480-991-0308) for more information or visit us at

(CoAND members –  ask for your 10% membership discount (available for full time practitioners).

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Ayush Herbs

Ayush Herbs is a family-owned company designed for physicians and dedicated to combining modern science with the wisdom of Ayurveda. Our herbs are grown in pristine valleys at the base of the Himalayas and are USDA organic. We use exhaustive in-house and third-party testing to ensure that we provide the purest products.


The CHP Group

Do you want the new patients from a network but are worried about paperwork or prior authorizations? Not anymore. At The CHP Group, we work differently. We value our providers and trust your professional experience. There’s no prior authorizations, we process claims quickly, and you can talk to a real person when you call. Sounds good? We want to talk with you –

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Shine With Light

LumiCeuticals Harmonic Light Systems deliver the ultimate biologic nutrient of light and the timing power of pulsed resonant frequency into the body to quickly relieve stress, shift mood and support a return to balanced well-being.  FDA cleared for home and office use to increase circulation, relieve pain and support cell regeneration.  We offer in-home trials, medical-grade diodes, unique custom frequency settings and free educational support to you and your clients. Website:

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Aging-related bone loss leads to body-wide calcification that causes over 150 degenerative diseases by disrupting cellular signaling. AIC Therapy (Antiorbital Ionic Calcium) provides controlled ionic calcium intake to trigger a cascade of hormonal responses that reverse cellular calcifications. This results in the restored calcium wave signaling for proper cellular communication that restores mitochondrial function and reduces oxidative stress.  From cellular to systemic level, AIC therapy opens a new door of unique self-healing. Please visit to review the science and clinical results shared by the team of international doctors excited about this new therapy. Free consultation scheduling is also available on the website


Protocol for Life Balance

Protocol For Life Balance is a well-researched, potent, and efficacious brand of high-quality dietary supplements and natural products sold exclusively through licensed healthcare practitioners. Protocol For Life Balance offers many unique formulas and products. Our mission is simply to provide quality products that lead to healthy patients and satisfied physicians.

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Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is a cutting-edge laboratory that offers tests including the GI-MAP® Gut Health Test, OMX™ (Organic Metabolomics), CytoDx®, IgG Food Explorer™, IgE Allergy Explorer™, and GenomicInsight®. Our tests use a systems-biology approach to identify underlying root causes of symptoms and disease. Results give practitioners the tools to formulate personalized treatment protocols for optimized patient outcomes. Our commitment to education and service ensures practitioners and patients benefit from the latest research.
For more information, call our Customer Service Team at 877.485.5336 or email us at

Proferrin – Colorado Biolabs

Colorado BioLabs

Colorado BioLabs is the manufacturer of a unique iron supplement known as Proferrin. Proferrin is a unique form of iron known as Heme Iron Polypeptide (HIP), which is clinically proven to have 10-23 times greater absorption with a significantly better GI side effect profile as compared to traditional iron salts.

Since our first product release in 2001, Colorado Biolabs has partnered with distributors in the US, Canada, Middle East, Philippines, India, and Puerto Rico, while still manufacturing our Heme Iron solely at our US facility. Visit our website at

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Mold Inspection Sciences

Mold Inspection Sciences was founded in 2002 with one simple goal in mind: to provide affordable, professional, and high-quality mold inspection and testing services to all clients suffering from the nuisance of mold. We’ve successfully performed thousands of investigations using proven science based testing and provided solutions for a wide-variety of clients allowing them to live in safer and healthier conditions. Mold Inspection Sciences is at the forefront of developing specialized CIRS inspection protocols. We work closely with our clients, their medical providers, and remediation professionals to ensure successful outcomes for all parties involved. Contact us at

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